What did I do?

If you want a blog like this, here are the steps for you;

  • digitalocean.com : create account with your own mail and buy a linux server (incl. ip address).

  • gandi.net : create account with your own mail and buy domain.

  • cloudflare.com : create account with your own mail and configure dns.
  • gandi.net : login again, update zone info: redirect new dns servers (to cloudflare) for your domain.
  • gandi.net : Also you can enable web mail for your new domain and create an address.

  • your computer : download putty and login to your new linux server.

  • linux : install nginx, nodejs, python
  • linux : install lets encrypt (I used simp_le) and ghost (+themes).
  • linux : configure nginx, add new site.
  • cloudflare.com : enter your server's ip address to dns record for domain. [up to 24 hours]
  • your computer : configure putty for port forwarding & login to ghost admin panel for initial setup.
  • your new domain : start posting.

ps: dns updates may take up to 24 hours.


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